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Wandering Spirits Logo Design

New brand and visual identity for a travel-inspired mobile drinks bar.

Wandering Spirits is a travelling mobile bar with a difference. Inspired by a love of travel, live events and festivals (and the odd cocktail or two), partners Christine and Dan set out on a brand new venture – bringing the world of craft spirits, cocktails and beers to events nearer to home.

The brand identity comprises a woodcut, stencil styled logo with nautical and navigation cues. The flowing text creates a sense of freedom and adventure. The bold stencil style also has the benefit of reproducing well across a wide range of substrates, from t-shirts and menu boards to signwriting on the bar itself.

Supporting graphics are inspired by vintage woodcut art, harking back to a golden age of discovery. Imagery of fantastical flying machines and novel modes of transport capture the spirit, freedom and excitement of a world waiting to be discovered.

Branding has been applied to the ‘Wander Wagon’ itself, uniforms, stationery, promotional flyers and brochures, social media and website, and will continue to roll out over the coming months.

Wandering Spirits Logo on Uniform T-shirt.
Wandering Spirits Mobile Bar Promotional Leaflet
Wandering Spirits Business Card Design
Wandering Spirits Business Card Design
Wandering Spirits

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