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Sleeve Design for Living Frost by Mammal Hands

A self-initiated project to design sleeve artwork for Mammal Hands’ ‘Living Frost’. The title put me in mind of the way ice reveals its shape by refracting the light that shines through it, and as the light moves and changes it brings that shape to life. So if that shape could truly come alive, what would it become? I think it would spread its wings and break free – after all, ice is water; fluid and free by its very nature, but suspended in time.

Mammal Hands - Living Frost Detail

There’s something graceful and majestic about ‘Living Frost’, but there’s also a subtle but sustained build toward something bigger, more powerful. This train of thought brought to mind the beautiful flight formations of migrating geese. My aim was to create a more emotional connection by focusing on a single bird – do the splintering shards represent the strain and struggle of the journey? Or breaking from the past to become something new?

Mammal Hands - Living Frost Detail

Before reaching the final design, I explored a few alternatives – here’s a glimpse…

Mammal Hands - Living Frost Alternative Designs

Living Frost is taken from the album Shadow Work by Mammal Hands, available on Gondwana Records – download or buy it here.

Mammal Hands

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