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Karima Francis - Black - CD Sleeve Design

It’s always a pleasure to be asked to design for talented artists like Karima. Her latest album is a work of stripped-back emotion and hidden depths. The album was released digitally in November 2016, with the physical album following on 8th December. The physical album is available as a 4-panel digipack with 8-page booklet. A limited edition version also includes a second CD containing a live performance of both new and old material.

Provided with great images by photographer Scott Kershaw, my aim was to convey the two distinct sides of Karima’s persona, and the hidden depths of her powerful lyrics. The sleeve is clearly divided into two – a pure white outer hints at Karima’s vulnerable, unassuming exterior, contrasted by a black, atmospheric inner reflecting the darker corners of her personality and psyche. Imagery is intentionally sparse, allowing the simplicity of this contrast to remain the core concept.

CD digiback album design for Karima Francis' Black - case inner and booklet
CD digiback album design for Karima Francis' Black - cover, booklet and CD

Throughout the booklet, incidental objects accompany the song lyrics. The relationships between words and pictures – spoken language and visual language – fascinates me, and although these objects are abstract, their position next to non-specific words encourages the reader to make literal and emotional connections that aren’t necessarily there.

CD digiback album design for Karima Francis' Black - case inner, booklet and CD

This abstract use of imagery is an acknowledgement that Karima’s lyrics will mean something different to each listener – and that, for me, is one of the hallmarks of a truly gifted songwriter.

Buy Black by Karima Francis from PledgeMusic or learn more about Karima on Facebook.

Karima Francis

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