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Vandebilt Brand Identity Design

Branding and visual identity design for Sunderland-based pop-soul-funkers Vandebilt.

Infectious, energetic beats and loops are what underpin the Vandebilt sound, so I wanted to use them as the basis for the Vandebilt look too. I’ve tried to capture the band’s infectious heartbeat in a bold, dynamic identity, using musical form as a framework for a unique visual language. This underlying simplicity provides a striking, consistent and memorable style, which can be overlaid with the personality of the band and its music, lyrics and stories.

Using minimal geometric shapes, I created a custom font as the ‘vocals’ of the band. ‘Vandebilt Lyric’ is intentionally abstract and difficult to read, giving Vandebilt and their fans a unique language or ‘code’. For the rest, words simply become striking abstract art with a strong sense of rhythm.

Vandebilt Lyric Custom Font Design
Vandebilt Lyric Custom Font Design
Vandebilt Tour Poster

A clean, iconic logo has been created using the Vandebilt Lyric font.

Vandebilt Band Logo Design
Vandebilt Band Logo Design

With digital and social media in mind, the logo is responsive, scaling from full word, through abbreviated syllables, to a single letter mark for profile icons and avatars. On saturated and highly competitive digital music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music, the logo is a vital brand asset that promotes recognition and recall. Iconic and recognisable graphic work also embeds a layer of ‘collectability’ in any artist’s work.

Vandebilt Logo Shirt Design
Vandebilt On-Stage Logo Projection

The visual identity has been designed with movement in mind. Bold, solid colours and a lively, popping animation style help to create thumb-stopping social media posts and instantly recognisable streaming content.


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