Mezzo String Visual Identity

Founded by drummer Ryan J. Lee, Mezzo String is a dynamic, forward-thinking string quartet, backed by a lively rhythm section and mesmerising percussive loops to top it off (check out some of Ryan’s YouTube clips). Based in Kansas City, Mezzo String uniquely combines the subtleties of classical music with modern, innovative jazz.

This combination of modern and classic style is reflected in the clean, modernist logo style. Inspired by the geometric, rhythmic shapes of the double bass fretboard, the logo is bold and simple in its construction, allowing the surrounding imagery and design to create a fluid, flexible visual language that can adapt and change over time and format to communicate any theme or concept.

Mezzo String - MS Logotype Pattern

Mezzo String - M Logotype Pattern

Beyond the logo, the visual language is stylish yet accessible, intentionally avoiding the exclusive design style of ‘high jazz’. The overall visual identity is still in development, more to follow here soon.

Mezzo String Gig Poster Design

Mezzo String Gig Poster Design

Mezzo String Logo & Identity Design

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