ArtsAroundMansfield Identity Design

ArtsAroundMansfield is an initiative by Mansfield District Council to promote the visual and performing arts in the district, and provide a platform for local businesses, artists and creative professionals to learn, share and support each other. The initiative required a strong yet simple logo and visual identity that could be applied across all media to build recognition, without overpowering the visual work created by its members.

The visual identity has been applied to a range of generic exhibition materials including banners and signage, which can easily be transported and used at events around the county. Further materials, such as flyers, programmes, animations and idents are produced as needed for bespoke events.

The bold, simple logo has been designed to work at all sizes, from cinema screens to discrete inclusions on third-party collateral. Visual interest comes directly from the work promoted by ArtsAroundMansfield, and the visual language has been kept deliberately basic. A vibrant yet earthy colour palette is used to highlight specific arts, from traditional art to film, comedy and dance.

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