Personalised Whisky Gift Set

Writing and designing something personal for a stranger is a big challenge. When the person in question is a close friend or relative, it’s a different challenge altogether.┬áDesigning this commemorative whisky gift set for my Father-In-Law was a daunting prospect, but all the more enjoyable for it.

The ‘Father Collection’ celebrates 5 unique personality traits of Jim, by linking them to 5 different whiskies displaying similar characteristics. Each characteristic has its own name, colour, image and logo, with a description explaining Jim’s character, and the way in which it relates to the whisky.

Using┬áthe ‘Compass Box’ gift set as a base, the finished piece features a belly wrap with introduction and message from the sender, 5 x 5cl bottles of signature whiskies with adhesive labels and a card wallet containing 5 description cards.

Whisky Packaging Design

Whisky Packaging Design

Whisky Packaging Design

If you’re interested in a similar gift for a friend or relative, a broad selection of pre-made ‘characters’ are available, allowing you to customise your own perfect combination. For more details or to discuss your own ideas, drop me an email. Printed labels, wallets cards and wraps are supplied trimmed and creased for self-assembly.

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